Organic Tea

There is nothing quite like a cold glass of iced hibiscus tea when the weather is hot. These wholesome drinks are made by a family company with our roots in Egypt where karkade tea is a popular beverage.

Hibiscus tea, also known as karkade tea, is made with flowers grown on one farm in Egypt, then imported into the USA for brewing and bottling. From there, it is sold online or through preferred vendors. Due to the growing process, this is a natural tea that is turned into a delicious beverage with only three ingredients, making it simple, natural, and delicious.

For thousands of years, hibiscus tea has been a favorite of people in Egypt, including the pharaohs. Now, it is available in the United States in convenient bottles that you can take with you. Pick up a bottle of our iced hibiscus tea to quench your thirst.

Contact us today to learn more about how we make our organic hibiscus tea. We proudly make and distribute our bottled tea for customers across the United States.