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Welcome to the Karkade Tea Blog

giant hibiscus flower on stone walkwayIf you’re looking for a healthier alternative to highly processed, 20+ ingredient drinks, simply grab a bottle of Karkade Tea and go about your day! Our organic bottled hibiscus tea is crafted with only three ingredients: water, hibiscus tea, and sugar, so you can enjoy a refreshing bottle of iced tea without putting unnecessary chemicals into your body. Born from a family summer-time refreshment, our CEO decided to distribute this fragrant, red tea to the masses so people all across America can enjoy the taste of pure hibiscus tea.

Karkade tea, more commonly called hibiscus tea, originated in Egypt, where even the Pharaohs have enjoyed its great taste. This tea is still widely consumed today and can provide a variety of different health benefits. Tea made from the hibiscus flower has been proven to reduce high blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and even help prevent cancer.

We’ll be updating this blog regularly, providing our customers with even more information on this wonderful Egyptian tea. We’ll go into even more detail about the benefits of hibiscus and provide a variety of ways you can enjoy your new go-to drink! If you’re interested in trying our bottled hibiscus tea for yourself, give us a call today at (844) 350-2501. Online ordering and vendor listings are coming soon!