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Karkade Tea Takes the Gold Medal at the Global Tea Championship!

hibiscus tea by the lakeThe results from this year’s Global Tea Championships have come in and Karkade Tea takes the gold medal! Our bottled hibiscus tea was one of four gold medalists in the 2017 competition, ranking higher than popular brands such as Teavana and Argo Tea. Teas are ranked based on color/quality, flavor, mouthfeel/body, and overall harmony of the brew. Below are some highlights from Karkade Tea’s review.


When it comes to the color and clarity of our tea, it was nothing less than ideal for the judges. The bright, vibrant red of our tea was reflective and displayed the perfect color for a high quality hibiscus tea. Our tea was also crystal clear and contained no particles or haziness when viewed through a clear glass.


According to our judges, Karkade Tea is “divine” and full of juicy flavor that you “just cannot stop drinking”.


Our bottled hibiscus tea is well rounded in body and has a smooth, desirable taste.

Overall Harmony

The judges felt that our tea was well-conceived and executed perfectly for a single origin tea and that there is knowledge behind the harvesting and processing aspects of our brew. The distinct character and origin of the tea really shows and the overall blend is very balanced.