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Start Your Day with a Glass of Hibiscus Tea

Iced hibiscus teaHibiscus tea is packed full of significant health benefits that can help make a positive impact in your life. Our bottled hibiscus tea can be the perfect way to get a jump start on your day and with only simple, natural ingredients you will be sure to get nothing but the best from our blend. Below are just some of the benefits you will receive from starting your day with Karkade Tea.

Lower your Cholesterol: Hibiscus tea is known to be a powerful tool in lowering cholesterol and can be an easy way to help keep yours in check. Having a glass of hibiscus tea once a day, along with healthy eating habits, can help you attain a healthier cholesterol level.

Aid in Treating UTIs: Urinary tract infections are never fun, and neither is downing a significant amount of sugary cranberry juice to help get rid of them. Hibiscus extract is a strong antimicrobial that can stand up against bacteria and fungi that cause these infections.

Lower your Blood Pressure: Hibiscus is also well known to combat high blood pressure for those who are pre-hypertensive or mildly hypertensive. If you are prone to high blood pressure, having a glass of our delicious hibiscus tea every day can help your blood pressure stay stable.

Prevent Kidney Stones: Kidney stones form when there is an excess of substances such as calcium oxalate in the urinary system. Drinking a glass of hibiscus tea each day can help prevent the buildup of these stone-forming materials.