A Few Words from our CEO

Ahmed Mahmoud with Bottle of Karkade TeaSince the days of the pharaohs, families in Egypt have enjoyed tea made from hibiscus flowers. It was the same for our family. When we moved to the United States, Karkade Tea remained a family tradition. One hot summer day in Tampa, Florida, my mother brewed up a pot to make iced hibiscus tea and joked about its refreshing taste. “We should put this in a bottle because of how good it is,” is the English translation of what she said in Arabic.

I agreed with my mother and decided to make this fragrant tea available to others who are not aware of this exotic tea. Within a year, we were making and distributing bottled hibiscus tea that we named Karkade Tea across the United States. Soon, we plan to expand around the world.

Please join my family and I, to prove to you, the consumer, that the American Dream is still alive through Karkade Tea!

Ahmed Mahmoud
Chief Executive Officer

Contact us today to learn more about the ancient Egyptian tradition of hibiscus tea. We proudly make and distribute our bottled tea for customers across the United States.