Organic Hibiscus Tea

Tea made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant has long been the beverage of choice for the pharaohs of Egypt. Now, this organic hibiscus tea is available here in the United States online and in ice-cold bottles under the label Karkade Tea.

Our family company sources organic hibiscus tea from plants grown on one farm in Egypt. Karkade Tea’s hibiscus sweet tea is brewed and bottled in Clearwater, Florida and distributed to customers across the country and soon around the world.

The refreshing taste and clear red color combine to make a natural hibiscus sweet tea that is delicious and healthy. With its royal history and healthy growing process, Karkade Tea is a drink that can be savored by all.

Contact us today by calling 1-844-350-2501 to find out where you can buy our delicious Karkade Tea. We proudly make and distribute our bottled tea for customers across the United States.

Person Holding a Bottle of Karkade Tea