Determining A Tea’s Quality Through its Aroma

How to Detect a Quality Hibiscus Sweet Tea through Your Sense of Smell

There are a variety of different ways you can determine the quality of tea. Professional tea tasters can judge a variety of different blends using a variety of various techniques that allow them to identify subtle differences from one brand to another. When it comes to deciding if your cup of hibiscus sweet tea is up to par, one way would be to use your sense of smell.

How to Determine a Quality Tea Based on its Aroma

When considering a tea’s aroma, you ideally want to test it while the leaves are dry and wet. Dry green tea leaves should smell light, and fresh and black tea would have a sweet, floral scent to it. When it comes to our hibiscus sweet tea, we ensure that only the finest, most fragrant Egyptian hibiscus flowers are harvested for our award-winning blend.

One thing to note is that if a tea loses its scent quickly, whether you’re testing a basic oolong or floral jasmine, it can indicate that the quality is poor. Since our sense of smell is directly related to our sense of taste, if something smells bad or has no fragrance at all, our brain won’t perceive the flavor as remarkably as a scent that lingers.

What to Do When Smelling Tea

When putting our hibiscus sweet tea, and your nostrils, to the test, there are specific techniques you’ll need to perform to get an adequate sense of its aroma.

  • Deep inhalations – When sniffing your cup or bottle of hibiscus sweet tea, hold it as close to your nose as possible. Then, take a deep breath and fully inhale the aroma. This will allow you to ingest the fragrance thoroughly so that you can determine the different and complex notes of flavor.
  • Sniffing – Instead of taking one deep breath, bring the cup or bottle to your nose and take quick, shallow inhalations. This act is also referred to as “dog action” as the sniffing is similar to a panting dog.

At Karkade Tea, we strive to develop only the smoothest, most well-balanced hibiscus sweet tea that you will ever taste. For information on how to try our bottled iced tea for yourself, give us a call today at 1-844-350-2501.