How to Judge a Tea Based on its Taste

Learn How a Professional Would Taste our Egyptian Hibiscus Tea

As our Egyptian hibiscus tea gets more and more exposure for its excellent, refreshing taste, we encourage all casual tea drinkers to learn how to tell a fantastic tea apart from the rest. Just like a fine wine or chocolate, the flavor of a tea much relies on how it is grown and processed. When it comes to expertly tasting the tea, there are four main things you should keep in mind: appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel.


First impressions count, and when a tea looks good, there’s a chance it tastes even better. When drinking any bottled tea, you first want to look at the color. Is it bright and bold or dull in appearance? When it comes to our Egyptian hibiscus tea, we ensure the color quality of our tea is a bright, jewel-like red. Another big thing to look for in a tea’s appearance is how clear the liquid is. Small tea leaf particles are fine, but if the brew is cloudy or dirty looking, it may not be worth the first sip.


Our sense of smell dramatically influences our taste, so when something smells appealing, it will taste as such. The professional tea-tasters use two different sniffing techniques: inhaling deeply and sniffing rapidly like a dog. Karkade Tea’s Egyptian hibiscus tea has an outstandingly inviting aroma that will draw you in on a hot summer day. If you encounter a tea that does not smell pleasant to you, chances are you will not like the taste.


When tasting the tea, there are some interesting techniques that the professionals use to get a good indication of the flavor. They first take a deep breath and then slurp the tea into their mouth. Doing so allows oxygen to mix with the tea, bringing the full flavor out of the liquid. Though you may want to gulp down half the bottle of our Egyptian hibiscus tea in one go, try tasting it like a pro to get the full sense of our specialty brew.

Mouth Feel

The last step is determining how the tea feels in your mouth. It may sound silly, but it plays a massive part in the overall tea-tasting experience. Certain teas will have certain sensations, such as smooth or drying, but it is up to you to determine if a tea feels right as you drink. Our Egyptian hibiscus tea has been rewarded for its well-rounded, smooth taste that leaves you feeling refreshed and wanting more.

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